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Yesterday Wouter harrowed the big meadow land. With the landrover of his mother. And than sunday sowing the new seeds and than monday rain. Unfortunately there was this gale. So instead  I raked the leaves. Just a sof touch with the rake was enough to blow all the leaves to the next village.  I’ll sow tomorrow evening in the rain.

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friday the 20th of march 13.44 hours: SPRING!

this is spring!!! Sun and no clouds. A good day for the garden a good day to open all doors and windows in the house. It is a joyfull day, except for the fact that I had to bring Audrey to the train station. She is going to Wwoof on another farm. In Friesland. Than the best on this day is having the knowledge that I have a  new and very good friend who is somewhere on this planet. A friend that can allmost whistle a biscuit rusk.

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Tuesday 17th of march

It is great to see that somebody enjoys staying  on my farm and do things like seeding carrots and playing soccer with the dogs. Thanx Audrey. And this evening we started with the carding of the wool, because I finally had the guts to get my carding machine back. We carded some wool. And we have a big pan of wool with campeche wood on the fire at this very moment. I’ll check if it getting blue allready……

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