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A small tale of grutology

first the grutological agriculture:

  • no chemicals (pesticites or what so ever)
  • no artificial manure
  • only vegetable manure and a little bit of sheep manure from our own sheep
  • seeds and planting material from the gardens of hop en grut or: bio dynamic seeds from and plantmateriaal and veggie manure from
  • no machines, all work by hand
  • only in the soil of the gardens of hop en grut, that are organic and in transition to bio dynamic. Started almost 16 years ago.
  • agriculture as a way of living, not to make money
  • according to the principles of self sustainable life
  • inter culturele agriculture, guaranteed made with the help of  volunteers from all over the world
  • certified from the heart

second the principle of the production of   our local products:

  • more than 51% is grown in the gardens of hop en grut
  • the other raw materials are from organic and bio dynamic origin
  • 98% of the other raw materials are locally grown and produced
  • the other 2% are the species and lemon
  • All the herbs are from the gardens of hop en grut
  • all our products are produced in our climate neutral farm kitchen
  • most products are cooked on our woodfire and the wood for this fire is from the gardens of hop en grut
  • all is made by hand and by volunteers from all over the world that want to learn about organic and bio dynamic live
  • together with all these people from all the places in the world , we put a lot of positive energy in our products
  • vegetarian products and production methods
  • non profit
  • packaging with recycled materials and climate neutral

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If you are interested in our products, this is the list for ordering. Only interesting when you are in our area, because we don’t ship our local products. That wouldn’t be logic with local products. If you are in the area, contact us. Easy way is check our other website (blogroll)

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