World Wide Opertunities on Organic Farms, workaway and helpx

Wwoofers workawayers and helpx’ers are welcome on our farm. So if you are interested in helping (wwoofing) on our farm, check the link on the home page of this blog.

Wwoofing at Hop and Grut means:

Helping on the farm: Work in gardens, making new gardens (perma culture)  helping with animal care, building and painting jobs inside and outside the farmhouse, preparation of products.

Good food: organic, vegetarian, all vegetables, fruits and nuts out of the gardens of Hop en Grut. Preparing the meals together or meals prepared by Benedetta or arthur.

Accomodation: Wooden caravan, tent, spare bedrooms.

Materials wwoofers need: are all provided by arthur (bikes, tents, boots, etc.) You can leave your cocking equipment because arthur has a kitchen and he and Benedetta can realy cook

Quit environment: Less populated part of the netherlands, waking up by the sound of birds, sheep and chicken.

Lots of  recreational possibilities: http://www.bourtange.nl http://www.ruitenaa.nl and germany with Ost Friesland within 2 miles.


Exchange of cultures

Exchange of ideas and plans

Learning by doing in the organic and bio-dynamic farming

We host for a minimum of 1 week and a maximum of 4 weeks. We are specially  looking for people with experience of organic gardening or the will the learn gardening. Of course you are welcome without experience too.

Good to know that we have 2 dogs and that one of the chores that we might ask you to do is walk with the dogs. So if you’re having problems with dogs, useless to write.

We don’t host helpers that bring a dog, because that might disturb our pack of dogs. We have Spanish sight hunters.

Helpers will be our guests in a family farm.

We don’t host a lot of helpers in the same time, but mostly in between 1 and 3 people. So we need people that are reliable, serious and independent. We have loads of requests, so people that have a good and detailed request mail have the biggest change. Detailed also means that we would like to know who we will host, since guests are welcome in our home and family. We’ve had some not so great experiences so we are getting a bit picky. So please  write things like age, motivation, address, phone number and so.

We don’t host minors. So writing us under 18 is useless.

We ask for a reasonable number of hours work a day, 6/7 hours, depending  on the needs of the farm. And 5/6 days a week. There is enough leisure time in a great environment.

We don’t host from the 1st of December until the 1st of March.

Read this link to get an impression true one of our wwoofers eyes:



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    Meike Wirringa said,

    Hey Arthur,
    ik wil graag tijdens de volgende maanden sommige weken wwoofen gaan op jouw “boerderij”.
    Is het misschien in Juni mogelijk?
    Groeten Meike

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