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Still no sowing in the meadow. The weather is too rough I’m affraid. The seeds will end up in the land of my neighbours. They don’t like that I don’t like that. So hopefully this weekend will be better!


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24th of march Spring is wiggeling again!

There you go. It’s so cold that Turdus pilaris and Turdus ilacus have decided to stay in my meadow. Eating all the worms  they’re a good competitor for the moles now. Normally they just stay over for a night to travel further to Norway, or were ever they’re going to up in the north. There here for 3 days allready and still no plans for the last part of there travel. In the morning don’t need no alarm clock. They scream and scream with the lot of them. I’ll give them until this friday, than the wiggeling must finally stop, sure, the birds can stay but I need higher tempature. Awh , does fu…ng farmers, always complaining about the weather.

turdus pilaris N:Kramsvogel E:Fieldfare D:Wacholderdrossel F:Grive litorne

turdus iliacus N:Koperwiek E:Redwing D:Rotdrossel F:Grive mauvis

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